Interview with Nechama Frier of Red Rabbit

This past weekend I had the pleasure of talking to Nechama Frier, a.k.a. Soltian, a.k.a. the author, artist, and editor of Red Rabbit.

Red Rabbit tells the story of Jinn, the playful, selfish, spoiled, and manipulative protagonist, who also happens to be the lover of M’Kait, the heroic prince.  M’Kait and Jinn are traveling with the royal caravan across their home planet, Lucya, but break away from the group to escape into the dangerous world of the lower class.  Heedless of the danger, Jinn runs head first into a crowd and it’s there that she first sees the strange and mysterious Devi.  And that’s just the beginning!

The royal court knows that Jinn is bad news.
The royal court knows that Jinn is bad news.

According to Frier, the inspiration for this comic goes back quite a ways – all the way to high school.  She was sketching out humanoid versions of Digimon and those rough sketches evolved into the characters of Red Rabbit.  From there, Frier credits her girlfriend Kat as the inspiration to actually write a coherent story out of the jumbled mess she had made in her head.

The personality of the characters came together in different ways.  For example, the protagonist, Jinn, was designed to be an awful person.  “The way that I created her was I put together an amalgam of all these character traits I found detestable,” Frier says with emphasis.  “When I first started focusing on writing stories, the kind of characters I found most compelling were characters that made a really long journey from flawed to redeemed, and then to hero.”  In turn, Devi is the more angsty character, whom Frier describes as young and still coming to grips with who he is and the life he lives.  M’Kait is the storybook hero, despite being slightly naive and being born into privilege.  “He is good despite everything,” says Frier.  “He definitely represents innate goodness that you can’t deny.”

The first time you see Devi
The first sight of the mysterious Devi

While the story so far is limited only to chapter 1, Frier says she plans for a lot more in the future.  “I see the story in 3 arcs, probably between 15-20 chapters each,” she says, estimating the length.

According to Frier, arc one will cover Jinn coming to terms with the big change in her life, going from princess to pauper, and coming down to earth, as well as her coming relationship with Devi.  “It’s going to be them trying to figure each other out, working out a lot of animosity; which is only natural with the way their personalities are and the way that their attraction works,” Frier explains.  “And then that’s going to come to a screeching halt when unintended consequences of this whole thing occur.”  Cryptic and enticing!

As readers (and myself) eagerly await chapter 2, chapter 1 is available to read on Red Rabbit Tumblr site, while information about the comic is available through the Red Rabbit main site.  Frier also takes print copies of the comic with her for sale at conventions – her next two being Nekocon (Nov. 6-8, Hampton, VA), and Ahn!con (Jan. 8-10, Kansas City, MO).


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