Interview with Jessica Emerson – Jem G – of Cap and Sable

Who doesn’t like two badass pirate chicks roaming the galaxy looking for hijinks and shenanigans?  Jessica Emerson’s Cap and Sable combines the fun of anime with the thrill of scifi, and adds a twist of adventure as this story takes off.

Cap and Sable originally came into being 10 years ago, as author and artist Emerson was in the military.  She used to discuss and bounce ideas off of her room mate as she played with ideas.”It was just kind of one of these stories that came about through long nights of talking,” she said.

Cap tells it as it is, and Sable is unphased.
Cap tells it as it is, and Sable is unphased.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if you have these two girls that have grown up in a mech shop and they weren’t allowed to fly the spaceships that they were working on, but they really wanted to.”  Emerson explained the thought process behind the comic.  “Because they know how to build spaceships from the ground up, they find one and they decide that they’re just going to go for it.”  Since flying the ship alone made Cap and Sable outlaws, the two characters take that fact in stride and face it head on, deciding to become pirates.

Throughout the story, the flirtatious Cap and the stoic Sable set about stealing from the rich and selling their bounty back to the poor in a vaguely Robin Hood-ish manner – with a little profit for them, of course.

It’s not just the main characters as well; in the universe of Cap and Sable, it is illegal for all women to fly spaceships.  “It’s set in a sort of Russian-run future,”  Emerson said.  “Where the Russians won the space race and they developed out the universe, deciding it was illegal for women to fly spaceships.”  In Emerson’s story, the Russians worked with the Chinese and used terrorism as a foil while they worked on their space program.  When the inevitable time came to expand off of Earth, the Russians betrayed the Chinese and took prominence, eventually dominating the universe.

With a story starring two women who laugh in the face of the establishment, Cap and Sable has a feminist undercurrent throughout, as well as a playful feel and no romantic subplots planned for the main characters.  Nothing to hold them back, the whole universe is Cap and Sable’s for the taking.

What an ornery robot.
What an ornery robot.

As for the future of Cap and Sable, Emerson hints at much more to come.  “You kind of can’t tell from the way that the story has been going because it is a little bit lighthearted and funny for now, but it will have a bit of a serious note to it in the future,” said Emerson.  “There are some heavy elements that come into play with some of the other adventures – if you will – as Cap and Sable try to outrun the various people that they piss off through the course of their adventures, and it all will kind of interweave together and culminate in an epic finale.”

Cap and Sable is available on the comic’s website, which was designed by Nick Schneble – a fan who was so impressed by the precursory story that he made the website for Emerson free of charge, just so he could follow the comic.  To date, Emerson has not sold at any conventions, but she has given promotional samples away, and keeps a Tumblr and an Instagram where she shares progress shots and behind the scenes details of the comic.

Take off in the universe of Cap and Sable!


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