Comics made by local creators – a great way to spend break (part 2)

By day, mild mannered Mike Imboden works at Beyond Comics in Frederick, but unbeknownst to some, he is also the creator and author of the comic series “Fist of Justice.”

Fist of Justice Issue #0
Fist of Justice Issue #0

“Fist of Justice” is the story of Marc Mason, a former Olympic boxer turned superhero, and now the defender of Charm City. The story begins with Mason slipping up in a battle between him and his arch nemesis, which leads to not only the death of the woman he loves, but also him losing his powers and being committed to an insane asylum. Many years later, he is rescued by his friend Professor Mystic, who returns his power so that he can rejoin the world as the Fist of Justice once again.

“He’s still trying to adjust to things that have changed so much from – let’s say – 1981 to today,” Imboden said. “Now it’s just a matter of him trying to deal with being ‘out of time.’ How does he fit into this new world? Is this the kind of world that still needs the kind of superhero that he was?”

The plot thickens when Professor Mystic realizes that he damaged time and space when he sought to heal the harm done to his friend – unbeknownst to Fist of Justice. Keeping that a secret, Mystic sends Mason through time to repair the damage. On the journey, Mason comes across Fist of Justice counterparts from other time streams and either has to confront them or work with them to accomplish his means.

Fist of Justice Issue #1
Fist of Justice Issue #1

According to Imboden, his inspiration for this comic came from a love of classic comics. “There’s not a whole lot of stuff out there on the racks right now that are like that,” Imboden said. “I just wanted to fill a void, I guess.”

Imboden calls his comic a “good, old-fashioned superhero yarn, one that doesn’t take six issues to tell a story.” He explains that most of the issues are self contained, so that a reader can begin anywhere in the series. “You don’t have to read the next one if you don’t want to, but hopefully you would,” Imboden said.

Physical copies of “Fist of Justice” are available for sale at Beyond Comics, and digital copies are available through comixology. Imboden also sells his work at Baltimore Comic Con and through personal request. Updates and news on “Fist of Justice” can be found on the comic’s website.


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