My thoughts on Black Canary by Brenden Fletcher

Dinah Lance goes on stage as the lead singer of the band Black Canary
Dinah Lance goes on stage as the lead singer of the band Black Canary

After the cancellation of Birds of Prey, Black Canary was given her own title series written by Brenden Fletcher. This series feels out of place from the very beginning – but I’m not sure I would consider that bad.

Black Canary goes directly from a superhero team to join a band as its lead singer. Her costume becomes more sexualized and more edgy, and the driving plot of the comic (so far) is that she must protect a child from aliens.

Despite the overall “Josie and the Pussycats” feel of the comic, the explanation as to why

The new costume has no effect on Dinah's ability to kick ass.
The new costume has no effect on Dinah’s ability to kick ass.

Black Canary is now in this role seems fairly solid. While the plot relegates her to a more maternal position, Black Canary’s character is not weakened or lacking because of it. In fact, Black Canary steps back into the leadership role that she lost in Birds of Prey through all of the drama associated with her love life. Even the costume can be marginally explained away as the punk rock fashion attributed with the band.

The art of this comic, done by Annie Wu is far from sexual despite the costume, and if anything, it adds to the near playful, “girly” feel of the series.

The comic has a mostly female cast, and each character has a distinct personality which plays a part in the story. The comic is quite obviously geared towards a female audience, but not in an obtrusive, forced way.

I’m still not really sure how I feel about this comic so far – I’m reading it as part of a study for school and I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it to continue.  This has the potential to be a tired attempt at reaching the “female” crowd, or a breath of fresh air.

I hope for the latter!


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