Early comic review – The Only Living Boy; Once Upon a Time

I’ve talked about The Only Living Boy before, and I’ve even had the chance to interview it’s writer, David Gallaher, in the past. I’ve always enjoyed the twists and turns of the story as well as the darkly whimsical art of Steve Ellis, and the third volume of the series entitled Once Upon a Time is no exception.

In this chapter of the story, main character Erik Farrell, has to face down more than just the unknown monsters of his fantastical world, but also the scariest foe he has ever faced – the truth. This is what the other volumes have been leading to. Readers finally get a peek at Erik’s past as he is forced to confront it by the villainous Baalikar and his servant, Doctor Once.

Not only does this volume contain a story that leaves the reader’s head spinning, but also answers some major questions about the world itself. Holes are filled, characters are explained, and things become just a little bit clearer.

In addition to that, Erik as a character continually drops lessons for young readers. Through Erik, you learn how to grow as a character, how to cope with loss and fear, and possibly most importantly, how to move forward despite obstacles in your way. Erik persists as a good person despite adversity, showing him to be a good role model in an often crazy world.

The story can sometimes be overwhelming so a rush read is not suggested, but most comics are best read at your own pace. Read it once, read it twice, read it panel by panel, this comic is worth your time to enjoy.

The Only Living Boy; Once Upon a Time is available through Amazon and local comic stores starting Tuesday.


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