Review and Interview: Daniel Bishop of Nevera Tales

Let it be known to all that I love horror.  I’m a big fan of Silent Hill video games, and I’ll give any horror movie a shot at least once.  Let it also be known that I love fantasy.  It is probably the most common genre of media that I consume.

That being said, when I come across things that are a mix of these two genres, I usually jump on the chance to give them a look.

Aston is bound with the other undead, left only to stare up at his captures and plot.
Aston is bound with the other undead, left only to stare up at his captors and plot.

Nevera Tales is the story of the vampire Aston, who is captured and imprisoned by the Lord James Kuranes and thrown into the underground to mine beneath the tower of Celephais.  There he slowly gathers the support of other undead prisoners and bides his time, waiting for his chance to be free.  His salvation comes in the form of Elisa, a scion of the Kuranes line who was cast aside for being born disfigured.

While not particularly scary, Nevera Tales definitely has several strong aspects of horror to it, and a sketchy, dark art style done by Marek Jarocki to match.  The two together create the feel of a coarse, dangerous world that the reader has barely seen a piece of yet.

Elisa, discarded and alone, watches the undead toil.
Elisa, discarded and alone, watches the undead toil.

While not particularly new, the story sets up the world and the characters the way a preface would for a good book.  Author Daniel Bishop writes compelling prose that, while it may not immediately suit a comic, still raises quite a bit of interest in the reader. The foundations for the world are laid and the characters are defined.  What comes next?  The comic reads more like a slightly demented children’s book as it is, and when I reached the last page I was curious as to when the next chapter would begin.

There is a lot of potential in this world for so much more material – comics, novels, and even video games have been made with less groundwork.  Are we going to follow Aston on his vampire adventures, or will this more focus on Elisa?  What more will we see of this world of undead fantasy?  There’s a lot more to be had from Nevera Tales, and this is just the beginning.

The comic is available for purchase on the Tiger Crab Studios website, as well as links to the author’s social media, which is the best way to stay on top of updates.

Want to hear more from the author?  Listen here:

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