About the Captain

My ugly mugI was born in early 1987 to a middle class family in Ponca City, Oklahoma. I have no recollection of this place. Shortly after my birth, my parents moved to Maryland where we’ve lived ever since.

From an early age I learned two, very important facts: you have to work to get what you want, and if you want something, you have to make it yourself. I’ve always worked hard to achieve my goals, from earning good grades in school to getting my first job at age 13. I’ve also always made my own way, motivating myself to achieve my goals.

Growing up, I used to look at the world around me and see the stories and poetry in everything. As I suffered from insomnia, I would lie in bed at night and make up stories until I finally fell asleep.

When I finally made it to college, I was at a loss of what to do. For the first time, I didn’t know where to go in life – what my goals were. Because of that, when I graduated with my AA in General Studies from Frederick Community College, I saw no point in furthering my education and instead entered the workforce.

It took me six years and the loss of my job to finally look at my life and realize that I wanted more. I wanted more than a life of entry-level office drudgery. I wanted more than a life of pointless paycheck to paycheck living. I wanted to return to the writing that I loved and tell my stories again, this time with someone to hear.

I enrolled in Hood College to seek my degree in Communications and chase my dreams, and nothing, come hell or high water will slow me down.


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