This is my Superhero origin story…

I started out like any other comic nerd – I read, I fangirled, and I went to conventions.

But slowly, things started to change…

The more I read comics from the bigwigs (Marvel and DC), the more bitter I got.  Not only were they producing less-than-exciting story arcs, but they would often cancel the runs that I enjoyed the most.  On top of that, the tried and true, fallback plot twists that most comics rely on are getting a little too tried – if you know what I mean.  There’s only so many times that you can kill a character or make a Mexican food joke before it gets old.  I found myself pretty much desensitized to anything they could throw at me, and more often than not, just bored.  There had to be something better out there!

That’s when I started my quest.

Why limit myself to just two publishers when there’s a wealth of talented people out there making comics on their own?  Why keep myself tied down to one group when there are so many other options?  So now it’s my job to find them.

I still read, review, and love mainstream comics – I have favorite characters and series that I can never truly let go of – but my goal now is to seek out new comics and new creators, to share them with others, and to boldly read what I had never thought to before!


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